Course & Provider Changing

Choosing an institution or a course as an international student in Australia can sometimes become a huge decision. You may arrive in Australia and then realize that the institution or the course you have selected is not the best choice you’ve made.
Changing your field and institution in Australia is not a simple process, and without proper guidance, you may end up with missed opportunities, financial distress or student visa issues.

Step-1 New Institute or course selection

We help you select the right institute which could be best for you. You will have a dedicated personal counsellor who will help you with the research. Our counsellors have experience in handling requests regarding moving to another institute or changing the field of study. He/She will help you shortlist the right institute and course and help you know the student facilities, support services, and other factors at the new institute that affect your welfare as a student. Thorough research turns out to be beneficial and helps you to make an informed decision in the future.

Step-2 Review of transfer policies

Your counsellor will assist you with the transfer policies of your current institute and the desired institution. Paperwork in Australian institutes can be quite a hassle, and you need to comply with the obligations as their student. We will also help you figure if you are eligible to get a full or partial refund from the current institute.

Step-3 Review of visa regulations

Your counsellor at HBD Services will help you understand and review your visa requirements and conditions. Your Australian student visa gives you the right to study, work and live in Australia as an international student. As a result, changing your course or institute also requires you to understand the conditions and requirements of your visa. Your counsellor will help you understand and review the regulations under the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) that you need to follow us


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