There are many reasons for choosing a study abroad. However, if you choose to study in Australia, we will not feel surprised when you choose Perth. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, Australia’s 4th most populous city. It’s also a pretty popular tourist destination. Studying in Perth enables you to pursue high-quality education and live in a beautiful environment. In part below, we would like to share the top 10 reasons why Perth is a great study destination when you study in Perth.

  • World Class Education
    The internationally recognized qualifications gained in Perth will pave your way to a rewarding and successful career. WA’s education system is recognized around the globe as one of the best. Its five world-class universities and various schools, vocational institutions and English language colleges provide quality assured education with flexible study pathways. The State’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in the field, ensures that you are taught the relevant skills to today’s ever-changing world.
  • The beautiful skyline of Perth
    Perth has a beautiful skyline that has the best view from Kings Park. From this park with its impressive botanical gardens, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the Swan River. You also have a great view of the city from Lake Monger.
  • Sun-shire in Perth
    In Perth, you can enjoy more sun-shire than that any other capital cities. You’ll have the feeling that you are on a summer holiday during your studies.
  • The beautiful beaches of Perth and Western Australia
    The city is located on the west coast of Australia, and there you have many beautiful beaches, such as the beautiful Cottesloe Beach, Mullaloo Beach, Scarborough Beach and the many dream beaches on Rottnest Island.
  • The quokkas on Rottnest Island
    This small kangaroo, the quokka, is rare on the Australian mainland but is still abundant on Rottnest Island near Perth. This adorable marsupial is no more giant than a hare and is not shy.
  • The beautiful nature parks in Western Australia
    In Perth and the surrounding area, you will find some unique nature parks, such as Nambung National Park with the Pinnacles, thousands of limestone columns in a kind of lunar landscape.
  • The tremendous outdoor activities in Perth
    Perth offers many opportunities for the active and adventurous outdoorsman. For example, you can go snorkeling, diving or surfing at one of the many beaches and cool surf spots, supped (stand up paddling) on the Swan River or cycle on Rottnest Island.
  • The port city of Fremantle
    Fremantle, also known as Freo, is the most important port city in Western Australia and is located at the mouth of the Swan River near Perth. Here you go for a delicious bite and lovely trinkets at the Fremantle Markets, for the beautiful Victorian buildings, for the relaxed atmosphere, for a Fremantle prison tour and of course, for a free beer at the Little Creatures brewery.
  • Penguins spotting on Penguin Island
    Penguin Island is located in the south of Perth and is home to a colony of pygmy penguins. The island belongs to a group of small islands in the Shearwater Islands Marine Park, where you can also spot sea lions, dolphins and pelicans. In the nearby town of Rockingham, you can also do dolphin tours and swim with the tumblers.
  • Student life in Perth
    A student city is only complete when beer and wine flow abundantly, which is certainly not a problem in Perth! There are many vineyards in the Swan River Valley north of Perth, and you can take various wine tasting tours here. In addition to wine tours, you can also enjoy the many exciting festivals and the excellent nightlife in the city. A trendy entertainment area is Northbridge, with many social clubs and cafes. Furthermore, on university campuses, all kinds of exciting activities are regularly organized.

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